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RISE Elite

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What is RISE Mentors?
  • weekly online video calls with your own RISE Coach!
  • learn what it takes to get to the top, and how to start cultivating an Olympian’s mindset.
  • change your mindset and approach to your racing, training, and everything outside the pool, as well!
Who is this program for?

Young athletes chasing success in sports and most importantly, in LIFE!

Who are your mentors?

A RISE Mentor is:

  • An Olympian, or Elite National Athlete
  • Trained in the RISE Method of Success in Sports Through Mindfulness
  • A great role model in their sport and out!
Why I Mentor

The culture of sports has become very oriented towards WINNING. I’ve been there, stood atop of the podium, and very quickly realized there was so much MORE to the sport than just winning.


My aim is to bring this “MORE” into the lives of the next generation of athletes. As an Olympic Gold Medalist, I know about success and what it takes to get there. My approach utilizes all of the elements outside the pool that make the biggest impact: mindset, fuel, and fitness.


It’s my goal to build our kids up to be great athletes while, more importantly, teaching them to tap in to the roots of happiness and success in all dimensions of life.

Programs & Cost

Season = 4 Months


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How RISE Elite came to be

After I retired from professional swimming, I was seeking ways to stay connected with the sport and the next generation of athletes. I tried the swim clinics and lessons, but it left me wanting more! I loved working with the kids but the experiences were too brief. I never got the chance to teach them what I really wanted to share.


At the same time, I began my fascination with several aspects of sport that I was learning through my own research and interest. From psychology to breath, body positioning, yoga, mindfulness, and much more, I couldn’t believe that as an elite athlete I was just learning this for the first time. To me, these were the game changers of sport. This is what makes the difference between good and great!


RISE is my way to pass on the knowledge I’ve gathered and the theory I’ve used, as an Olympic Gold Medalist and advocate of a well-balanced approach to athletics and life.


One of the amazing things about RISE Elite is the opportunity to work with Caroline Burckle. She’s an Olympic teammate of mine from 2008 and brought home Bronze from the games. Caroline brings lots of knowledge to the table, recently graduating from University of Tennessee with a Master of Science in Sports Psychology and Motor Behavior, among many other accolades. Along with Caroline’s list of certifications and degrees comes the connection that we share, making growing this project in to a business a fun endeavor and bringing balance both to our business and our lives.


Together we began RISE Elite in the summer of 2015, with each of us coaching our own group of kids. As we grow, our official launch is coming in 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited!


From learning what it takes to get to the top of your sport, not just through training but also tapping in to the power of your mind, to applying this theory to your life, mentoring has been the most impactful way I am able to connect and create success with sports.


Through RISE Athletes, the impact of self-improvement through a mindful approach is amplified across the entire span of sports. From kids just starting out all the way to the elite level athlete and Olympians.

RISE brings us all together in connection, friendship, learning, improving and thriving.