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About Reb

rebAs a former pro-athlete my life used to consist of statistics. World rankings and records, medal counts and laps to swim.


Now, after retiring from competition, I’m still an athlete… a life-athlete.


What I miss most about being a competitive swimmer is the daily routine, the practice of self-refinement, skills and drills. So I’ve taken  those elements and created my life-practice. The daily quest for self-improvement that’s so similar to the journey to athletic success, except the target is not just in the athletic sphere. The target is success in all dimensions.


A Jersey-girl turned Californian, my life currently revolves around taking advantage of all that’s around me.


First, my love of nutrition that has taken me on a journey as I’ve learned how to optimize fueling for success, the power of plant-based foods and just how impactful and life changing quality fuel is not just for our bodies, but for everything we do.


I'm on a quest to create my future the way I CHOOSE it to be.


Next, the mentality of training for elite athletics carried over into my “retirement”. I refuse to believe that the highlights of my life are behind me. Yes, going to the Olympics was an amazing accomplishment but my future holds many greater feats, as does YOURS. To get there won’t be easy… It will take training and focus of a similar capacity to how I trained in the pool. It’s all about mindset. I’m on a quest to create my future the way I CHOOSE it to be.


And lastly, let’s not forget fitness! My obsession with physical work carried through from years of grinding it out in the pool and gym. There’s something so satisfying about completing physical challenges… pushing through the breaking point. At the same time, always pushing full steam ahead is no longer my focus. I’ve learned to dial in and focus on the way the body actually works, tapping into the connection between mind and body. I’m constantly learning the depth of this interconnectedness. It continues to fascinate me with each new element I learn. Fitness to me, now means FUN! Getting outside, playing with friends, and of course, constantly improving!


Recently, I’ve taken all I’ve learned and decided I wanted to take it to the next generation. I began mentoring with young swimmers and learned just how necessary this field is. We all know how to train our physical body, what I teach is how to train all the other elements that go into success.


This was the start of RISE Mentors. A way for Olympians to give back. A way to share this knowledge that has the power to change the landscape of sports for kids through elite athletes.

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    • Olympic Swimmer (2008 & 2012)
    • 3 gold, 3 silver medals
    • Location: Manhattan Beach, CA & traveling the world
    • My dog, Kody, comes everywhere with me
    • Nickname: Reb
    • Passions: Health, Mindset, and Fitness
    • Smoothie Recipe Creator
    • Favorite Workouts: yoga, hiking, stand up paddling, time outside, boxing, and trying new things
    • Coffee Lover
    • Rooftop Gardener
    • Adventurista